出演 : 8月24日(土)

Ayu Okakita

Ayu Okakita

2008年にはアルバム”Cyan Dreams of Miss Ashleen”を自主制作した。
また、Nedry(trip hop/dubstep)として、Monotreme Recordsよりアルバムを2枚発表。
Sonar, Roskilde Festivalをはじめとする様々なフェスに出演し、ヨーロッパツアーを行った。
4年以上かけて、部屋で一人でつくったsayonara danceには、これまでの経験、いろんな音楽の影響(electronica, trip hop, new wave, industrial, acoustic)、自身の世界観とイメージが詰め込まれている。

Ayu moved to the U.K. in 2004 because she was into British music. Playing at gigs with an acoustic guitar in various places was the center of her life in London and she started using loop station to loop her voice and the guitar while playing. She self-released an album “Cyan Dreams of Miss Ashleen” in 2008.
Clubbing also became her habitual and got really interested in electronica and bass music.
She joined a band “Nedry” (trip hop/dubstep)
Nedry released two albums from Monotreme Records. The band has made appearances in music festivals including Sonar, Roskilde Festival, SXSW and also toured mainly in Europe.

After leaving the UK for Osaka, Ayu started working on her solo album. After working on it by herself for more than 4 years, she finally released a 12track album’’sayonara dance’’ in January 2019.

Ayu’s music is like collage of influences from various genres of music such as electronica, trip hop, industrial, and acoustic.
Her live performance is like a wave, very sensitive and energetic.

After playing at different kinds of places with sayonara dance, she is planning to release her new song along with dBridge’s amazing, deep remix in summer.